hey there, welcome to my site! this is still unfinished. all of the basic stuff is here, but there's still a lot i'd like to add!

last updated: 4/6/21 at 3:10 PM EST

what to expect:

there's gonna be a lot of stuff on here! the main thing is that there's gonna be sections for each of my interests, which will probably contain articles and some other stuff about my favorite things (or just things i find interesting) within those interests. there's also gonna be some misc pages, some of them which may be familiar to you who have visited my site before the revamp. as of right now, the misc pages i have planned are a new version of the PC page, a dream log, a new version of the archives page, and maybe a pets page. i'll probably come up with some more ideas down the line but that's all i really got right now. thanks for visiting!

btw, this is optimized for 1080p displays. it works well enough on other resolutions, but it's still not perfect. contact me if you find a major issue!


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