wanna know stuff about me? sure! here you go!


name: kenny

age: 15

gender: male (he/him)

orientation: pansexual

status: single (big sad)

location: midwest USA

interests: cars, trains, computers (sorta)

personality type (MBTI): ISTP

favorite things:

song: dunno

bands/artists: pilotredsun, jinsang, bones, boards of canada (i'll add more as i listen to more music!)

cars: volvo 240 wagon, lincoln continental mark III to VI, 1969 dodge charger daytona, 1978-79 & 1982-89 pontiac firebird, 3rd gen camaro, jeep cherokee XJ, 4th gen oldsmobile toronado, 2nd; 3rd; 5th gen el camino (these change alot btw)

trains: alco century 424, alco PA series, EMD F series, EMD E series

tv shows: breaking bad, the office, bojack horseman, king of the hill

movies: beavis & butt-head do america, el camino

games: beamNG.drive, minecraft (sorta), burnout paradise remastered

consoles: sega genesis, N64, wii (sorta)

youtubers: scott the woz, simpleflips, jacksfilms, the right opinion, lemmino, cadaber, forge labs, luke thenotable, penguinz0