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yo whattup. you've probably noticed that the frequency of updates on this site has decreased. there have been some updates since the beginning of this month, but they were all really tiny (tbh i dont even remember what they were lmao but ik i did them)

anyway, the lack of activity is due to school and lack of motivation. i've moved to a new online school (since frankly my old one sucked) and i have to catch up to all of the other ppl there. guess that's what happens when you start 2 weeks late. this new school seems to be a lot more rigorous so i have less free time to really do anything i want to do. obv i can do stuff on the weekend (atleast after i get caught up)

also, i just haven't had the drive to really work on this site. i could make the excuse of "oh i dont have any ideas" but obv i do have stuff i could do that i listed on the site trello. i will probably get around to those ideas eventually, but not any time soon

anyway, that's pretty much it, cya

whoa 2 blog posts on the same day??? (its only 1am the next day as im writing this so shhhHH)

anyway, i thought i should write this so you all know my future plans for the site. i was going to put this in the previous post but ig i just forgot

so, i have a lot of plans atm and a lot of them involve finishing stuff i should've done a long time ago. procrastination is awesome

heres a list of all of my plans so far, in no particular order:

  • update the about & favorite cars pages to be more up to date
  • make site work better on smaller resolutions & mobile (esp. the tables on the archives & projects pages)
  • finish the PC list page, and maybe merge it into the possessions page
  • start the possessions, cutting room floor, and lists pages
  • add the previous site design to the archives page
  • add more trainz stuff to the archives page (i had more i was going to add a couple months ago but i never did)
  • do smth with the trainz fanpage
  • start on the pilotredsun fanpage or just scrap it (leaning towards scrapping it)
  • bring back the game genie page from the 1st site design
  • MAYBE bring back the sections page
  • make more custom backgrounds & color schemes for certain pages(?)

welp, that's about all i can think of rn. keep in mind, if you're reading this in the future, that this is only my plans as of aug 21, 2021. these are subject to change

anyway, that's p much it, cya next time

yo whattup. just wanted to thank you all for 50k views (and 46 followers!)

i don't really have much else to say besides that, so see ya next time

welp, here it is! it got finished sooner than i expected. i think it's miles better than the old design, although there's still some minor things to kink out

either way, it turned out pretty good imo. lmk what you think and if anything's broken. i might be adding the previous design to the archives page sometime soon

anyway, that's all for now. cya next time