cutting room floor

unused site stuff

lococrazy design (SD3, 8/14/21-)


unused site backgrounds for the sitemap and update log pages respectively. created on 8/8/21

unused favicon using my new logo, wasn't visible in the title bar when used so it was scrapped. created on 8/8/21


original site concept for the lococrazy design, pretty similar to the final design except for the overall scaling. created on 8/8/21

bluesmooth design (SD2.5, 6/23/21-8/14/21)

N/A (for now atleast. prob did have unused stuff during this era but just forgot)

sunset design (SD2, 2/15/21-6/23/21)


some unused assets for the trainz fanpage. these were actually used for a very brief time, but eventually were removed

the first image is the original version of the favicon for that page, with its only difference being that it was using a different hue value

the second image is the cursor taken from trainz 1.0, which was removed quickly because frankly, it didn't look very good, and the fanpage was based around trainz 2006, which made it look out of place anyway

the third image is a temporary logo i made for the fanpage before i just bit the bullet and recreated the trainz 2006 logo. this was only used on the first day of the fanpage being opened and was replaced with the recreated logo the next day

placeholder image, pretty self explanatory. while the 4:3 and 16:9 versions have been used on the projects and pc list pages respectively, this DVD version was never used. was intended for an earlier version of the possessions page which was just going to list all of the 1.x versions of trainz and showing which ones i had. created on 3/18/21


a prototype design which was going to be used around the same time as the final sunset design. this never went anywhere and was only an idea in my head. if you click on the images, you'll be taken to a recreation of it which i made in april 2021

^ my original plans for the sunset design. as you can see, these were heavily based off of the prototype design i had in mind before i made the final design

original design (SD1, 07/19/20-2/15/21)


3 unused buttons created around the time i changed my logo to a valve ripoff. the first 2 were created by y0y0evan on 12/4/20. the last button was created by me on 11/15/20. never used these cause my valve ripoff logo just looked bad no matter what in button form

an unused version of the valve ripoff logo for my site. only difference is that the border on this logo is slightly larger than the one used. created on 11/15/20. for reference, heres the used version

a "coolwall" which was going to be used to display my favorite trains and cars, just split into categories based on how much i liked them. inspired by the top gear cool wall. was scrapped cause i couldn't get it to work right. created on 9/12/20

an alternate version of my first button. the differences are that this one has no grain effect and has a gradient around the border. created on 8/11/20. for reference, here's the used version, which was created on 8/4/20