i'll post all of my dreams here if i can remember them. most of them are probably gonna be really weird lmao
if there's a day where there's no entry, it's either because i don't remember the dream or the dream isn't really interesting enough to post imo

btw jsyk i prob won't update this anymore, might remove it eventually

wow! an entry after like 5 years?!!?!?!!?1 let's get into this

i had a dream where the fairies from fairy oddparents were making fun of timmy (or whatever his name was) about something and then i threatened to take away their "life card" if they wouldn't stop. so they did. and apparently the life card was the back of a 3DS. like it wasn't even a picture, it was just the actual back of the 3DS. so i pulled the back off like it was a piece of paper and then put it back on. then i noticed that the 3DS was labelled "original 3DS #89" and i wanted to find the original of something relating to that. (no clue what lmao) as soon as i said that a green light showed up on the back of the 3DS so i turned it on and checked where the notification was from. i think originally the green light meant streetpass on the 3DS?? but in this dream the green light led to a shop that looked like something out of tomodachi life. the dream pretty much ended after that

i had two dreams during this nap that i remember. first dream had to do with me and a couple of other people trying to debunk some crime or mystery. we watched a video to try and do that. all i remember from that video was some people getting out of a car on a city street with some worn down brick buildings. one of the ppl watching the vid with me saying "yeah that's him, he has one of the only 6 cars in the city" and a bunch of car manufacturer logos appeared on the vid

this next dream kinda has some weird imagery at the end, you've been warned:

this 2nd dream was the weirdest. it had to do with me suddenly waking up in a mansion (or large house) with absolutely no windows and all of the doors replaced with curtains with seemingly nothing but a white void beyond them. i heard people laughing and stuff and i walked around the house and found a bunch of lemons spitting out lemon juice all over the floor. one of the things i remember the people saying was "he's gonna wake up soon" and eventually i presumably heard someone's mom complaining to them that they had ruined her floor and to clean up everything. i remember i didn't see the other people after this. i went into the house's kitchen and picked up a potato with a stick in it and tried to put it in a sink, but i had to duck to walk under everything because there were a bunch of objects on counters with long sticks in them that hung over the counters and into my way. eventually the people i heard laughing earlier came into the kitchen and started saying "now we have to do our job. now we must lay our eggs" and transformed into some mutated form of this one character from homestuck(?) (talking about the one thats grey and has yellow horns or whatever) and then i opened my mouth and there was a DVD sitting upright in it; basically the DVD became my mouth for a second. i also said that i had to do my job. this dream seemed like a drug trip, holy shit. it's gonna take a lot to top this one

the only dream i remember on this night had to do with a classroom, again. a bunch of people from my middle school were there and we were all doing a group project or smth. at the end right before class ended someone started talking to me and was comparing twitter and tumblr. then eventually i packed everything up and left. however as soon as i got up the teacher noticed some trash on my chair and i cleaned it up, but i said one of the pieces of trash weren't mine. the teacher responded with "yeah everyone says that before they go to the stronghold". (is this minecraft lmao) then right before i exited the teacher told us we needed a book that had like dirt in it or smth. i couldn't find one so i just said "whatever" and left without all of my stuff. that was the end of the dream. weird stuff.

hey, welcome to the 1st entry of the dream log! i'll be posting all of my dreams here. most of 'em are pretty weird...

i had 5 dreams this night that i remembered. first one was where i got mad at a family member and legit told them "fuck you" and they said to never talk to them again. don't know where that one came from lol

second one was where i was in class and i was playing sports with some other dude. it was weird. it was like a mix of baseball and tennis. the other dude swung the ball but missed because he didn't have his "intensity" high enough. i don't even know man... later in the dream both of us went to sit down at the back wall of the classroom and i sat by a kid i knew from middle school that i always thought was annoying. he kept talking and apparently i almost punched him in the face (tf) but some weird shit happened and i "blacked out" in the dream. don't even know. then i woke back up in the dream and had to leave class. before i left i saw a couple of huge books on the floor in front of the teacher's desk about trainz (those train simulator games)

third dream was weird too. i think it was a continuation of that last dream. basically when i got out of class, the school i was in was huge. the hallway looked normal but there was a very tall glass roof mounted on top. apparently i could also see what cars people had by just looking at them. someone had a "chrysler 327". (which isn't even a car lol) i also recognized someone from elementary school in that dream. i then opened up my locker and some people told me to come with them. we watched a video that was some optical illusion and we watched it for a while and tried to debunk it a few times or smth. i think that was that entire dream

the 4th dream was pretty short. all i remember was that i was walking down some dark hallway with purple lights and i saw someone start writing html code on the wall next to me. weird stuff

the final dream had to do with simpleflips. i went on his channel and he started a new series called "simpleflips super" where he was playing some strange mario game that kinda looked like mario galaxy and had the cat shines (or smth similar) from bowser's fury. there were also "students" you had to talk to in the game. that's all i can remember

i have weird dreams man. that's gonna be a pattern throughout this whole dream log. see ya next time!