this page is mostly based on TRS2006, mainly bcs nostalgia (iirc it was the 1st trainz game i played)

ik this is pretty low quality rn, just wanted to start the page. i'll actually put in effort later lmao

don't really have much to put on here for rn, so for now this is a pretty small page

TRS2006 trailer:

the trailers nothin' special but the music do be a bop tho

what is TRS2006?

TRS2006 is an entry in the trainz series released on september 30, 2005. it was officially discontinued by auran in september 2010, but it's still fully playable. the main focus of the game is to be a train simulator (what a shocker!)

why do i think it's cool?

i think this game is cool mainly bcs of nostalgia and how it looks. the gameplay isn't exactly exciting, but sometimes it can be depending on if you like trains or not. and also, like i said, it looks pretty cool too. i like the color scheme they went with. kinda sad i didn't play this that much during my childhood, but oh well, there's always time now

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