a list of all of the pages on this site, including some unlisted and test pages (can you tell i like to make lists yet?)
also, i won't be adding any html pages from the archives section to this list, they don't really count imo

page name description added last updated
main pages (pages w/ buttons in the header)
/index.html front page of the site 03/08/21 06/14/21
/sections.html supposed to be the main attraction of the site but i haven't actually started it lmao 03/08/21 05/30/21
/about.html page which contains info about the site owner (me lmao) 03/08/21 05/31/21
/blog.html a hub for me to talk about more personal stuff 03/08/21 05/30/21
/contact.html page which just displays my contact info 03/08/21 05/15/21
/misc/index.html page which has a list of all of the public misc pages 03/08/21 06/05/21
pages linked only on the home page
/updatelog.html page which is used to log down (almost) all of the updates i do to the site 03/08/21 06/14/21
/sitemap.html page which lists almost all of the pages on this site (this page) 04/18/21 06/14/21
misc pages (public)
/misc/pc.html a list of all of my PCs 03/19/21 03/22/21
/misc/dreamlog.html just a log of my dreams. kinda gave up on this one tho 03/24/21 05/31/21
/misc/archives/index.html a page that lists all of the archived stuff on my site 04/19/21 05/31/21
/misc/fanpages/index.html a page that lists all of the fanpages on my site 04/01/21 05/30/21
/misc/projects/index.html a page that lists all of my projects 05/14/21 06/14/21
misc pages (unlisted)
/misc/unlisted/DT/dttest.html dark theme test, never really finished it 04/14/21? 04/14/21
/misc/unlisted/favcars.html page which displays all of my favorite cars, replacement for the fav cars section on the about page 04/16/21 04/18/21
/misc/fanpages/trainz/index.html trainz fanpage 04/11/21 05/31/21
everything else
/coolsites.html a page i made to add more site buttons to if i thought i had already added enough to the footer 03/08/21 05/31/21
/not_found.html pretty self explanatory. it's the page that shows up when you go to a dead link or smth similar on my site 03/16/21 04/15/21
/old_extra/gamegenie.html the only page from the pre-revamp that i didn't delete. doesn't really work anymore. it hosted a bunch of game genie codes i found. hasn't been touched since dec 2020, prob gonna keep it that way for now 12/16/20? 12/20/20