update log

all of the updates for the site are listed here
only exceptions are extremely small updates. i'll still update the sitemap to show when a page was updated even if its a really small update, but it wont include details about the update


3:47 AM EST

new blog post

11:17 PM EST

added game genie page, its on the misc page

5:35, 6:36 PM EST

updated about page, updated favorite cars page

4:45 PM EST

added a link to this site's trello on the home page

1:14 PM EST

new cutting room floor page. its on the misc page

11:24 PM EST

added 2 site-related things to the archives page

1:36 AM EST

new blog post (again)

7:54 PM EST

new blog post

3:15 PM EST

fixed descriptions for the site-related stuff on the archives page

2:03 AM EST

new design uploaded to main site